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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy new year from all of us here at TBEHQ. Party hearty, drive safe, and we will see you in 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Blind Eyes Interview Available Online

Check out the brand new interview with the Blind Eyes from Plastique Pop#4 here! An excerpt from the interview:

"...Shirtless guy understands that the main thing getting in the way of a good show is shirt wearing. Since meeting him, I have based my life on his teachings."

How can you resist ordering a copy?

The Blind Eyes' "January" In Kirkwood High DVD

The Blind Eyes song "January" from the upcoming album is the first song on Kirkwood High School's "Spirit Week" DVD. "What?", you ask? We pretty much said the same thing. Despite the fact that none of us attended Kirkwood High School, and despite the fact that the most involvement we ever had in our high school musically speaking (aside from getting disqualified from the battle of the bands for cursing and breaking a microphone) was skipping class to practice in our first band, Satan's Wastebasket, we're honored to be featured on this. We also hope all you students at Kirkwood High buy a copy of the record when it comes out. And remember: be cool- stay in school.

First Shows Of 2009 Announced

The first shows for 2009 are already starting to pile up- some announced, some still in the works. We just confirmed the first show last night, which will be on Saturday, January 9th at Off Broadway with the Makeshift Gentlemen, the Hibernauts, and Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship (poster coming soon). We challenge you to find a better show to kick off the year. The following week we're playing our first ever show at St. Louis' newest venue, the Wedge, with our good friends Left Arm and the Monte Carlos (from Columbia, MO). We're also playing a free show at Mangia in February with Athens (from Chicago) which will be a guaranteed blast. See you all next Saturday!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Plastique Pop #4 Out Now

The fourth issue of Milwaukee's number one rock 'n' roll fanzine Plastique Pop- which features a brand spankin' new interview with the Blind Eyes- is hot off the press and out NOW! They're available online here. Issue number four also includes interviews with Empty Faces, The Girls, Human Eye, Sam Gambino, The International Date Lines, and The Chemistry Set. Go buy one. Thanks to the one and only Adam Weird for making it happen. And to our friends in Milwaukee: we will see you this summer, so dust off the cheese helmets.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Blind Eyes Recording Session Web Galleries

Our good friend and unofficial (official?) band photographer Doug Garfield sent over some great links awhile back (see 'em here, here, and here) absolutely stuffed with pics from our recording session for the upcoming album taken at Firebrand Recording. There's some great stuff in here, so if you're interested, take a look. As a totally unrelated sidenote, Doug has the most mind-blowing collection of To-Fu Oyako in America and the sheer massiveness of it will make your head spin.

A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume 7- Out Now

Until the full-length album comes out, satisfy your need for recorded Blind Eyes material (and lots of other awesome recorded material) by picking up a copy of this year's A Very Bert Dax Christmas compilation. We contributed a tune called "Christmas AM Gold", which has been variously hailed as "a masterpiece", "a Christmas miracle", and "the musical equivalent of the death rattle of a scabies-ridden cat with leprosy".

But f'real, Christian Schaeffer of the Riverfront Times says: "This year's highlights include the Blind Eyes' "Christmas AM Gold," which isn't as soft and sappy as advertised, but still retains the trio's hip-shaking verve". So there ya go.

Available now online, at Vintage Vinyl, Apop Records, and other places around town.

Blind Eyes Featured On Lo-Fi St. Louis

Thanks to our pal Bill Streeter for posting some great live video of the Blind Eyes on Lo-Fi St. Louis! Go check it out now! There are 3 songs in total, the first two are ones you probably know if you follow the band with any level of regularity. The bonus song (now titled "Look Back & Laugh", then operating under the working title "Thundertemple A.D.") is actually our debut performance of this particular tune, which will no doubt find it's way on to our next album. Enjoy.


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