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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blind Eyes Voted "Best Pop Band" in 2010 "Best Of St. Louis" Awards

Wowzers. A massive thank you once again to the people of St. Louis and the good folks over at the Riverfront Times for voting us "Best of St. Louis" for the second year in a row. We are truly honored. Click the link or read below:

"Pop" is a meaningless descriptor these days. But in the case of the Blind Eyes' brand of rock & roll, the term is apt. The power trio has the knack for constructing tunes that don't overstay their welcome, thanks to airtight choruses, concise verses and measured bridges. Ted Leo's agit-punk, Elvis Costello's brusque pop and the Jam's mod Britpop are all touchstones, while the group's Fleetwood Mac covers set at this year's An Under Cover Weekend hinted at a not-so-concealed love of gooey AM Gold. Newer Blind Eyes songs are just as catchy as those on its 2009 album,Modernity — and beyond that, it's clear the band's becoming more comfortable in its own skin.

Lo-Fi Sessions Video Available Now

The acoustic session we shot inside the gutted remains of an airplane dangling 50 feet up in the air at the City Museum for Lo-Fi St. Louis is online now! Thanks to Bill Streeter for making it happen. It sounds better than it has any right to.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Undercover Weekend- This Friday

The 2010 Undercover Weekend series starts tomorrow night at the Firebird! We're very excited to be involved once again this year. As you may have heard, we'll be taking on Fleetwood Mac, with the help of some special guests from around the local scene. We can't tell you what songs we're doing or who is going to be helping out, so make sure you check it out live!

Also- it's not too late to win free tickets to the show!

Hope to see you all tomorrow.