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8/23: The Pageant - St. Louis, MO
9/14: Off Broadway - St. Louis, MO

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Blind Eyes Hit The Road In August/October!

August mini-tour with the ACBs (Kansas City) and Justin Ripley:

Aug 6 2009 Firebird, Saint Louis, Missouri
Aug 7 2009 Mojo’s, Columbia, Missouri
Aug 8 2009 Jackpot Music Hall, Lawrence, Kansas
Aug 9 2009 Streetside Records (in-store) Kansas City, Missouri
*Brian Scheffer from Firebrand Recording will be playing bass with the Blind Eyes for the above shows!

October mini-tour with the Safes (Chicago)

Oct 1 TBA Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oct 2 The Wisco, Madison, Wisconsin
Oct 3 2009 Cal’s, Chicago, Illinois
Oct 16 TBA Champaign Urbana, Ilinois
Oct 17 TBA Saint Louis, Missouri

PLUS we have a bunch of other great local shows coming up that you would be foolish to miss:

Aug 15 Deluxe w/ Helium Tapes
Aug 29 The LOT Music Festival
Sep 12 Mangia w/ Kentucky Knife Fight

More coming soon. Seeya there!

Friday, June 12, 2009

RFT Showcase Wrap-up

A huge, enormous thank you to everyone who came out and packed Cicero's for our slot at the RFT Music Awards showcase this past Sunday! We had a great time and hope you did too. Plenty of pictures from the show are available here on our Myspace page, more coming soon! Thanks again for coming out, and hopefully voting for us as well! Seeya next weekend at the Library!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blind Eyes News- June 4th

This past couple of weeks have been full of cool happenings, and we owe it all to you:

Firstly, the album has been getting a ton of airplay. Thanks to our friends at KDHX for spinning it and we’re really glad you like it enough to play it as much as you do. Also, thanks again to our good friend (understatement of the century) Annie Zaleski for spinning us on, of all places, The Point! Our first bit of commercial airplay ever! Now we know what Nickelback feels like. Speaking of radio stuff, we had a blast playing live on Juxtaposition last night! For more on that, see the post below this one.

To that end, every copy of our album- plus all our t-shirts have sold out at Vintage Vinyl, were restocked, and are on their way to selling out again! Thanks to everyone that has gone out and picked one up. You guys are the best.

Plus, to everyone that has voted for us (or is planning to) in the 2009 Riverfront Times Music Awards for Best Pop Band- thanks again! Remember, you have until June 7th to cast your vote. Most importantly, make sure to come see us at the showcase- Cicero’s at 8 pm.


Blind Eyes on KDHX "Juxtaposition"- Photos + Streaming Audio

The Blind Eyes did a 4 song set (plus an interview) on the KDHX show "Juxtaposition" last night. Thanks to host Rob Levy for having us on! In case you missed it, you can hear streaming audio of the show here. Photos below.