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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blind Eyes News, August 12th

Ok, a few things to report:

1) We have a ton of awesome shows coming up in and out of St. Louis. You should go to them. One of them happens to be this Saturday the 15th at Deluxe!

2) We will be playing live on Show-Me St. Louis on August 28th, around 3:00. We'll be playing a song or two to promote the Lot Music Festival, which we'll be playing the following day!

3) Our August mini-tour with Justin Ripley and the ACBs is all wrapped up and was awesome! Thanks to the other bands, all of whom are the coolest guys ever, and to everyone that came out to the shows. We're really looking forward to getting back soon.

4) We are anxiously gearing up to start recording our next album. Look for it in 2010!

5) Morgan from the 75s sports a Blind Eyes t-shirt. Where's yours?

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