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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Open Letter To St. Louis Rock Fanatics

Dear Friends,

In an effort to better serve you, we have compiled a list of important reasons for you to attend Saturday night's Firebrand Recording Showcase at Cicero's.

1. We'll make you feel guilty if you don't come! Firebrand Recording has been an important part of the local music community, working on albums from local favorites including the 75s, Strawfoot, Fattback, Sex Robots, Bootz Orchestra, Cross Examination, and Pat Sajak Assassins in addition to all of the bands on Saturday's bill. They always go above and beyond the call of duty, and Saturday's show is our [the bands] way of saying thanks for all the great work.

2. There will be an amazing top-secret supergroup musical superperformance that will melt your face off! Like, seriously, you should bring a welding mask. We practiced and everything.

3. Sweet Merch Giveawayz! The price of entry and your willingness to write your name on a scrap of paper gives you a chance to win a monster haul of goodies from from Firebrand Recording and the bands who have recorded there.

4. Award winners! Kentucky Knife Fight was the winner of the "Album of the Year" in the RFT Music Awards. The Humanoids were named "Best Punk Band" in the RFT's Best of STL issue. The Blind Eyes were named "Best Pop Band" and Seth Porter voted "Best Male Vocalist" in that same issue. The Livers never win anything but the hearts of anyone with the good fortune to see them play. We may make them a trophy so they don't feel too bad. You won't find a more decorated bill all weekend.

5. If things go well in the next five days, we will be debuting a new song. You should come to this show so when said song reaches #1 on the charts, you can brag about how you were there the first time we ever played it.

6. We were going to make it 10, but we feel like we're losing your attention. Anyway, please come out if you can.


The Blind Eyes
The Livers
Kentucky Knife Fight
The Humanoids
Cicero's, Saturday November 14
$8 (11 for the youngsters)

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