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Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Top Shows Of 2010"

Evan from Sleepy Kitty gave the Blind Eyes' Fleetwood Mac cover set at An Undercover Weekend a really nice shout out in a recent "Top Shows of 2010" article on I Went To A Show. Thanks, man! For the record, Sleepy Kitty as Pavement was totally amazing. Read on:

"But the Blind Eyes—this was their night. And, as is their graceful style, they spread it out ’til the night belonged to everyone. They made their allotted 25 minutes feel like an entire concert, blasting through early- and late-stage hits like they’d written the songs themselves. I had no idea I’d know every song in their set, but I did; I suppose I have a lifetime of grocery stores, coffee shops, and car radios to thank for that. But where I’d always thought of Fleetwood Mac as essentially mid-tempo breeziness, Matt Picker’s drumming gave the songs a rocked-up, roughed-up feel that got the room keyed up. And the best move of the night was to have a different Stevie Nicks for every song—Beth Bombara, Cassie Morgan, Sunyatta Marshall, and my own Paige Brubeck took turns pulling leads and harmonies out of each composition. By the time Seth Porter struck a chord and called out the last number, it felt like they’d pulled a trick with the clocks, and when that song turned out to be “Go Your Own Way,” it was time for the whole audience to join in with the full collection of Stevies assembled onstage to blast our way through the decades. It doesn’t matter whose song it is, when everyone in the room is singing the chorus, the feeling is unforgettable."

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